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Cypress Hills

Cypress Hills is one of the most beautiful areas in the province and is located 156 km southwest of Swift Current. A giant plateau once surrounded by glaciers, it is also the highest point of land in Saskatchewan.

For many, this has been a gathering place, and people have camped in the hills for centuries. The area has a rich and colourful history and it is where you will find large forests, deep valleys and slow moving streams.

Today, you can camp in these same hills, fly-fish the streams, hike the trails and zipline through the trees. The park is home to rare wild flowers, 220 species of birds and 47 mammals including moose, elk, deer, antelope and cougar.


Grasslands National Park is where wild plains bison roam free on the prairie and where you can sleep underneath the stars. Located 117 km south of Swift Current, Grasslands is one of the darkest Dark Sky Preserves in Canada and the only one of our 39 national parks that represents prairie grasslands.

Travel the 80km self-guided Ecotour Road in the West Block to discover stunning landscapes and cultural history. The East Block is the richest resource of dinosaur fossils in the country, and within the park there are over 12,000 ancient teepee rings.

Unique formations of land and climate have created niches for rare plants and animals including the black tailed prairie dog, black footed ferret, sage grouse, burrowing owl, ferruginous hawk, short horned lizard and prairie rattlesnake.

Great Sandhills

The Great Sandhills area is where two large rivers meet in Southwest Saskatchewan. The region also contains one of the largest set of active sand dunes in Canada, which draws visitors from across the country.

Located 159 km north of Swift Current, the Great Sandhills cover 1,900 square kilometres. The dunes are always moving and create an ever-changing landscape for artists and photographers.

The Great Sandhills are a protected area and lie within the Great Sandhills Ecological Reserve. In the communities surrounding the area you will find museums, art galleries and antique shops.

Lake Diefenbaker

Lake Diefenbaker is located is located 45 km north of Swift Current. With 800 kilometres of shoreline, it is the largest body of water in Southwest Saskatchewan. It is known for golfing, boating and world class walleye fishing.

Lake Diefenbaker features four major parks, including Sask Landing Provincial Park. The lake is adjacent to the Coteau Hills, which offer rugged hills and wooded valleys. Along the shoreline, you will find beaches and towering sandcastles.

Sask Landing is also the site of historic Goodwin House. This landmark building was a stagecoach station back in 1900 and served for 9 years as a dispatch for the North West Mounted Police. The building operates today as a visitor centre for the park.